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I am a young person

Don't Suffer in Silence

Who We Are

The Marie Collins Foundation is made up of specialist workers who understand about online sexual abuse and other forms of sexual harms that can happen through phones, apps, social media, games consoles, and other forms of technology. We call this Technology-Assisted Child Sexual Abuse. 

We have a lot of experience with working with children, young people and adults who have been sexually harmed and often help the young person or their families on their recovery journey after this abuse. 

We know it is never the young person’s fault, despite what others may think or say, and we work hard to ensure that everybody else understands this too. The staff at the Marie Collins Foundation are committed to ensuring no further harm is done to a child who has been sexually abused.


Who we are
Our Mission

Our Mission

We want to ensure all children and young people who suffer sexual abuse through technology, are supported to recover and feel positive about their future.

We want to make sure that when police, social workers, teachers and other people are helping a child or young person, they don’t make the child or young person feel worse. 

What We Do

We help children, young people, and their families to recover from the hurt that has been caused.  

We do this by ‘advocacy’ which means that we can support people in expressing their views, and what they would like to happen. As advocates we can also help people know what support they are entitled to and help to challenge other professionals if they are not doing what they should be doing. 

The other way we help is though education. We teach people who work with children by training them on how best to help a child who has been affected by sexual abuse. We also create resources for them to look at which can help them to help children and families who have been sexually harmed. 


What We Do
We also:

We also:

  • Talk to people who make the laws and decisions on how best to respond to sexual abuse that happens online or via technology.
  • Where we think that the ways in which people help families are wrong, we will tell them the better way to help people.
  • Ask people that have been harmed online how they would have liked to have been helped. We then tell this to other people working with children so they can do this in future to help other children and young people. 


Our 5 Year Plan

To help us with making sure that children and young people are safe and free from harm when using the internet or technology we have written a 5-year plan outlining how we can do this in 4 ways – Advocacy, Education, Innovation and Recovery. 



Click here to see more about our 5 Year Plan.
Our 5 Year Plan

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