The Marie Collins Foundation

The Marie Collins Foundation (MCF) is the UK charity enabling children who suffer sexual abuse and exploitation via internet and mobile technologies to recover and live safe, fulfilling lives.

We work with children, families, practitioners, Government departments and industry to ensure the response to those harmed reflects current best practice.

If you have been a victim of child sexual abuse and need assistance or would like advice on other internet related issues please see our Useful Links page for organisations that could help.

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In 1998 the Chief Executive of MCF, Tink Palmer, received her first referral from the police regarding a group of children who had been made the subjects of child abuse images. This was the start of her growing recognition that children harmed online and their families require a differential professional response to that of the sexual abuse of children when the internet is not a conduit. Since then Tink has worked extensively in the UK and internationally to better understand the impacts of internet and mobile related abuse.

MCF was registered as a charity in 2011 and works directly with children, young people and families to enable their recovery following sexual abuse involving technology. We also work with practitioners such as social workers and educators and with organisations such as the police to provide training and consultancy services to ensure they are equipped to manage the specific needs of those abused in this way.

Nationally and internationally we work in partnership to raise awareness and knowledge of these issues through workshops, conferences and media activity and through the promotion of research.

News and Events


Marie Collins Foundation invited to speak at #WEProtect in Abu Dhabi

The Marie Collins Foundation was invited to take part in #WEProtect, the second Global Summit on Ending Online Child Sexual Exploitation, held in Abu Dhabi.

International conference to address the recovery needs of children sexual abused online

On the 28th June 2016 the MCF in partnership with BT will be hosting its second international conference to address the recovery needs of children sexual abused online.

Young people say parents often don’t know what they do online

Almost half of young people (48 per cent) living at home say their parents only know some of what they do online, according to an Ipsos Mori poll commissioned by Barnardo’s.

Charity demands UK taskforce to help child victims of online abuse

THE UK’s leading charity dedicated to supporting child victims of online sexual abuse is today calling for a UK government taskforce to tackle the abuse of young people via the internet and digital technology.