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I am a parent or carer

Over the years Marie Collins Foundation has supported families in a range of ways and sees this as an integral part of the charity’s mission to help them on their journey of recovery.  

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The support we offer will vary depending on the unique needs of the child and their family, but the following are some of the ways we help.

Marie Collins Foundation recognises the impact for children and their families who have been harmed through Technology-Assisted Child Sexual Abuse (TACSA) and are committed to supporting those victims and survivors. 

Staff at Marie Collins Foundation can be contacted to provide advice and guidance an in certain cases to support the families with addressing poor practice.  

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  • Listen to victims and survivors, and their parents.
  • Reassure parents that they are doing everything they can to keep their child safe.
  • Explain the process that children’s social care services and the police may be taking.
  • Explain how offenders target children.
  • Providing advice and guidance.
  • Help a family challenge poor practice.
  • Provide workshops for parents and carers on how to respond to technology-assisted child sexual abuse.
  • To understand future harms to the child, siblings or family.
  • How to talk to other siblings about what has happened and to help them understand what is currently happening and why.
  • Understanding the legal and safeguarding process.
  • Explaining the unique grooming process that occurred for their child, to help them understand how it happened.
  • Provide guidance for how best to support a child who has been sexually abused.

The Marie Collins Foundation understands the impact on all the family when a child has been sexually abused though technology. Families regularly tell us that professionals often make them feel accused of poor parenting, blamed and victimised. Moreover, they feel unsupported in protecting their child.

We promote the value of ‘professionals doing no further harm’ when they become involved, and the need to place children and their families at the heart of any intervention or investigation.

How we support Parents and Carers

Quote from a parent:

  •  “At the time of the discovery, as her mother, I was in a state of complete and utter shock and disbelief. I felt sick with overwhelming guilt and that our family had been violated. I tried to access support for myself and family. I had to fight constantly and chase resources and the police. Every time I was told someone would contact me, they didn't. My daughter's age at ten meant she 'was too young' to be eligible for support from sexual abuse organisations, and not unwell enough for CAMHS. Sadly, at that time I knew nothing of the MCF. The one organisation that I feel would have made a difference to how our family got through the last 18 months of utter devastation. “


  • “Thank you so much for all your support, it means a lot to us.” 


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