Promoting research

MCF promotes participation in research and pilot programmes in our field and we are building on our current European and UK initiatives and continue to find ways to bring new learning to professional practice.

As part of this work we already participate in a number of research programmes including an EU programme designed to enhance the professional community’s knowledge of how children’s sexually abusive experiences connected to the use of the internet and related technologies is understood by young people themselves.

We continue to encourage and work in partnership with the network of UK and international experts in this field to identify and promote cutting-edge research and practice.

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“It is comforting to see that the Marie Collins Foundation is trying to address the issues of children harmed online and enabling front line practitioners to conduct work with children that is based on relevant research. I will be a regular visitor to the website and will be advertising the charity in the workshops I facilitate.”

Social worker, MCF training attendee

Marie Collins Foundation Partners