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Marie Collins

Marie Collins, born in Dublin, Ireland, was a victim of sexual abuse as a child in the 1960's which included photographic images being taken. She has campaigned for the protection of children and justice for survivors for many years. Marie has also campaigned for a better understanding of the effects of sexual abuse on children, particularly the taking of abusive images, speaking in many forums internationally to further this understanding.

She was a founding member of the Irish depression support group 'Aware' in 1985 setting up their voluntary Helpline which she ran for many years. Marie assisted the Archdiocese of Dublin in setting up their Child Protection Service in 2003 and also that year became a founding Trustee of the Advocacy and Counselling support group for abuse survivors, One in Four (Ireland). She was a member of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors from 2014-2017. In 2010 Marie was the recipient of the Humber Summer School award for Courage and received a Woman of the Year award in Ireland in 2018. She is married with one son.

Marie Collins

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