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Dark web resource

As part of our commitment to respond to the ever-developing world of technology Marie Collins Foundation has been working with CEOP and the Children’s Society to produce a resource about the Darkweb.

IVIIOC downloader

IVIIOC stands for the Indirect Victim of Indecent Image of Children. 

IIOC Restorative Justice

The Indecent Images of Children (IIOC) Restorative Justice work was explored in a research paper by Professor Suzanne Ost and Professor Alisdair Gillespie.

HSB Helpline

A 2021 Ofsted report revealed incidents of child-on-child harmful sexual behaviour are so widespread, that children see ‘no point in reporting them’. 

Keeping Children Safe in North Yorkshire

We are working alongside the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner’s Office (OPFCC) to highlighting the harms of Technology-Assisted Child Sexual Abuse. 

I-minds Project

The i-Minds team is developing an app that aims to offer vital tried and tested support to these young people for the first time.

Dragon Shield

Online groomers use language to form a relationship with the children they prey on, to gain and then betray children’s trust.

Speaking Truth to Power

MCF is recognised globally as a leading organisation in supporting victims and survivors of technology-assisted child sexual abuse. 

Linh and Danh's Online Adventure

Linh and Danh’s online adventure are a suite of educational resources which comprise lesson pack for teachers and story book with accompanying song for students. 

Click: Path to Protection (International) Train the Trainer

Following the success of Click: Path to Protection in the UK over the past several years, we are extremely pleased to announce that the ‘Click’ programme is now available for professionals working outside of the UK.

No place to hide campaign

The Marie Collins Foundation is one of a number of prominent child safeguarding charities who are concerned about the implementation of End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) on social media platforms and the effect this will have on children’s safety.

International work

The Marie Collins Foundation works in collaboration with a number of countries to ensure children sexually harmed through technology receive the response and support that does the least harm. 

Dragon -S+

A critical weakness at the interface of research and technology designed to counter online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (CSAE) is the limited understanding of offender child interaction (including that resulting in perceived-first-person [PFP] Child Sexual Abuse Material [CSAM]).

Comprehensive European Strategy Against tech-facilitated Grooming And Missing

CESAGRAM will work towards a Comprehensive European Strategy against Grooming and Missing children by conducting a range of separate yet interconnected activities: Research, Training and Awareness Raising, the creation of an AI Tool, and Advocacy. The project will be delivered through a partnership consisting of 11 expert organisations and is funded by the European Commission. 

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