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Summer Seminar 2021 - End to End Encryption: A Binary Debate?

End to End Encryption Seminar 2021

Marie Collins foundation 2021 summer seminar on the challenges of keeping children safe while maintaining a level of privacy for an individual while communicating using end-to-end encryption.

This seminar provided a discussion around end-to-end encryption including an initial overview of what it is, the context of the debate between privacy and the protection of children, and how we can move forward to find a solution that works for both.

This seminar tried to move the discussion from a binary position to explore if there were any solutions that could satisfy both sides of the argument. To aid in this debate we had three specialists:

Vic Baines, Visiting Fellow at Bournemouth University where her research interests include online safety policy, the future of cybercrime and security rhetoric. Vic starts the discussion with an explanation of end-to-end encryption, and an overview of the current issues within the debate.

Mallory Knodel, Chief Technology Officer, Centre for Democracy and Technology spoke about the challenges of any changes made to end-to-end encryption on a person’s privacy and free expression, and any ‘green shoots’ that may be growing for a solution that can accommodate both sides of the argument.

Hany Farid, Professor at the University of California talked about some of the current tools employed in the identification of child sexual abuse material online and whether these can be used and still maintain the integrity of end-to-end encryption. Hany gave his perspective on the possibility of consensus in the future.

To access the seminar recording please go to Youtube.  

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