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Overview of the Online Learning 

Technology-Assisted Child Sexual Abuse (TACSA) has no regard for boundaries or international borders, and with the continuation of technology evolving there are a lot of pressures on professionals in knowing how to respond to TACSA. Our training has been designed for professionals to assist in their development, so they are well informed and equipped to act appropriately, and to ensure that no further harm occurs. 

These training courses are multi-tiered depending on your level of knowledge and experience, see guidance below: 

Foundation level  

We recommend all learners begin their e-learning journey with us by accessing the Introduction to Child Protection e-learning module. It establishes the basic principles of child protection for those with little or no knowledge or formal training, while reinforcing prior learning to those with experience in the field. This course is usually a pre-requisite for other modules and ensures that all learners have the consistency in their foundational learning. 

Intermediate level 

These training opportunities develop the building blocks offered by the introductory module and limited experience in child protection. It includes:  

  • The Click: Path to Protection (International), which introduces the fundamental principles that MCF operates on, to an international audience, including understanding how children can be targeted online for abuse and different forms of TACSA. This training has particular importance for the impact of online abuse on victims/survivors and their families. It places emphasis on professionals understanding the significance of their roles when working with children and young people. 
  • Facilitating Conversations with children and young people is a module designed for professionals working within the judicial system, including but not limited to, police officers and social workers. It teaches the importance of effective communication with children, identifying the skills required to communication appropriately with children in various stages of development, with differing needs, and offers a range of responses to help children talk about their experiences. 

Specialist training 

Instructor-led trainings are available to organisations and professionals from a wide cross section of the workforce. 

These training sessions reinforce and develop intermediate modules and are designed to achieve specific professional targets, modules include:  

  • Click: Path to Protection (Train-the-trainer) 
  • Harmful Sexual Behaviours 
  • Investigative interviews with child witnesses.  

 If you would prefer Marie Collins Foundation facilitating instructor-led training sessions, please contact us.  

There is no charge to access the Online Learning modules, and it is with special thanks to the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children we were able to develop the Global Protection Network (GPN) for child protection professionals around the globe.  

Our E-Learning modules are currently being updated. Please check back here soon for the latest training sessions.

E Learning coming soon!

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