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People who have a sexual interest in children don’t have a particular look, dress in a certain way or regularly behave in a manner that would demonstrate their attraction to children. They are often people you will know and like, such as friends or family members and behave in a way that would make you believe they could never abuse a child.

People who sexually abuse children are of all ages, genders and class backgrounds. They can be either rich or poor and work in any environment (including positions of trust such as police, teachers, social workers, doctors etc.).

Methods include:

    • Getting to know your child.
    • Creating a ‘wedge’ between you and your child.
    • Making your child feel special, they are the only one that really ‘gets’ them.
    • Telling your child, they won’t be believed.
    • Persuading your child that it isn’t abuse, that it is a game, or because they are in a ‘relationship’.
    • Threatening your child either physically or saying they will be taken into care or be banned from playing on their electronic devices.
    • Offering to buy your child gifts, game passes or in app purchases.
    • Engaging your child into conversations online.
    • Making covert recording of your child, then in some cases, threatening the child with these images.
    • Making your child feel special.
    • Tapping into your child’s ambition, such as asking for images for modelling, or images and recording as a music scout, etc.

The Lucy Faithful Foundation ( can offer confidential support to anyone who is concerned about their or another person thoughts or behaviours towards children.


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