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About MCF

Child sexual abuse destroys lives. The growth of technology means this is happening to children on a scale never seen before. The impact of this type of abuse means many never speak up. If they do, they often feel blamed for what has been done to them, causing further harm. We work to change the system to one that will do no further harm.

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  • "MCF don’t just work with survivors and our lived experiences, they help us to tell it in a way that we are safe, and we feel comfortable and respected. In our healing they are also our help and voice. "No more harm" is not just words it’s their philosophy. And they are not just here for us, they are here to love us."

    Paul Finney, Lived Experience Group

  • "We commissioned Marie Collins Foundation to carry out a harmful sexual behaviour review at one of our primary schools. The review was forensic, but supportive in nature, and led to several practical recommendations which have enabled us to strengthen our approach to the prevention and response to harmful sexual behaviour. "

    James Head of Safeguarding. 

  • "The Marie Collins Foundation sets a high bar whilst working with survivors of child sexual abuse. I always feel appreciated, respected, well supported and that my welfare is paramount during engagements as part of their Lived Experience Group."

    Nicole Caroli, Lived Experience Group.

  • "Saigon Children’s Charity had the pleasure to collaborate with The Marie Collins Foundation in a project named ‘Linh and Danh’s Online Adventure’. The project developed and provided children and families in underserved communities with various materials including comic book, cartoon, lesson plans, and parent guidance regarding basic knowledge in cyber safety. Thanks to MCF's expertise and commitment, the project has laid a foundation of proper online conducts and helped at least 50,000 primary students in Vietnam be safer on the Internet."

    Saigon Children’s Charity CIO

  • "MCF really showcasing fantastic, survivor led practice"

    Delegate, MCF conference 2022

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