Videos in 'Speaking Truth to Power' - 17th March 2021

Watch the video recording of the Seminar

The 'Speaking Truth to Power' seminar provided a platform for six international organisations to showcase their own projects and initiatives in supporting survivors of child sexual abuse and promoting youth engagement.

The guest speakers included were as follows:

Dr. Antoinette Basson (University of South Africa)

Cristina Huddleston (Justice and Care UK)

Bernadus Steven Harageib (Office of the First Lady of the Republic of Namibia)

Kelsey Beson and Reem Al-Ameri (Children First Canada)

Sam Gaskin-Kemp and Carl Southwell (Chelsea Football Club and Foundation)

Ania Milanowska (Cayman Islands Crisis Centre)

If your organisation would like to be involved in the Call to Action at the end of the presentation involving the upcoming survivor and youth project, please contact the GPN mailbox at: