Speaking Truth to Power - Executive Summary

May 23, 2022

V2 Mcf Speaking Truth To Power Summary Report

Marie Colins Foundation are committed to harnessing the voices of victims and survivors of Technology-Assisted Child Sexual Abuse and exploitation in order to foster real, positive change and to influence better outcomes for victims and survivors everywhere. We demonstrate this commitment in our work domestically and internationally, by recognising that we have a huge part to play in child protection and taking ownership of that responsibility.

Over the past 2 years we embarked on a mission to be able to confidently state what victim and survivor services as well as, what youth engagement services looked like in our five priority countries (Vietnam, Ukraine, Namibia, South Africa, And Canada). By working with the Youth Research Unit of the Market Research Bureau of the University of South Africa we can confidently say that we accomplished our aim despite the challenges of Covid-19, which was no easy feat.

We have been very fortunate to work with amazing individuals and organisations in all the 5 priority countries. Their wholehearted participation, contribution, and dedication in making the lives of individuals affected by Technology-Assisted Child Sexual Abuse (TACSA) better, ensured that significant learning was possible.

For their energy and commitment in this field we say a big thank you to all those involved.

The findings from the research have been condensed into an executive summary (please see link above).

Its contents include:

1. An introduction

2. Background to Speaking Truth to Power

3. Research scoping phase

4. Research findings

5. Challenges/Limitations

6. Action plan

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“It is comforting to see that the Marie Collins Foundation is trying to address the issues of children harmed online and enabling front line practitioners to conduct work with children that is based on relevant research. I will be a regular visitor to the website and will be advertising the charity in the workshops I facilitate.”

Social worker, MCF training attendee

Marie Collins Foundation Partners