A network by professionals, for professionals responding to online child sexual abuse

About the GPN

The GPN platform is a global online community of child protection practitioners, policy makers and academics eager to share the very latest research, best practice and learning.

Members will benefit from free access to a secure platform where they are able to collaborate, connect, receive training and share new and best practice responses to online child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Please note: The GPN platform is not a reporting portal. If you are worried about the safety or welfare of a child you should contact your local police and follow local child protection procedures in your country/region.

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Benefit-driven Features

The GPN platform provides opportunities to:

Membership Benefits

The GPN platform has been developed by professionals for professionals responding to technology-assisted child sexual abuse. Through increasing its membership and member contributions, we want this to become the place to go to access the most up to date academic literature as well as providing a range of training opportunities by subject matter experts. To develop your professional practice, GPN conveniently enables you to share your unique experiences in responding to technology-assisted child sexual abuse with other users, encouraging discussion and debate around effective solutions and "what works practically" within your country and others.

"This is a real opportunity for safeguarding professionals and practitioners across the globe to share and access information, training material and practical examples of what really works in practice to help in the application and sequencing of component parts of the Model National Response."

Iain Drennan, Executive Director, WePROTECT Global Alliance