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Unique training developed to enable all professionals working with children who have been sexually abused or exploited and this abuse has involved online activity.  The impacts on the victims and families are different and this, in turn, requires a specific response tailored to meet their protection needs. Click: Path to Protection is a model of the how to carry out interventions in a way that is supportive of the needs of the children and their families.  On successful completion of both training and online evaluation, professionals will have access to a ‘members only’ area of this site which contains more information for your continuing development, and materials you can download for use in your work

Please look through the information on this site and if you require further more comprehensive details about the model, including training requirements, contact admin@mariecollinsfoundation.org.uk

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A joint partnership between BT and the Marie Collins Foundation

CLICK: Path to Protection is an initiative that has been jointly formed by BT and the MCF. BT and the MCF want to ensure that every professional working with children that are the victims of online abuse, understands not only what his/her role entails but also those of their colleagues from organisations jointly charged with protecting children. BT is wholly committed to safeguarding those who could potentially be at risk to online abuse, particularly children.

“It is comforting to see that the Marie Collins Foundation is trying to address the issues of children harmed online and enabling front line practitioners to conduct work with children that is based on relevant research. I will be a regular visitor to the website and will be advertising the charity in the workshops I facilitate.”

Social worker, MCF training attendee

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